Friday, 8 November 2013


While at Rossall Point photographing the waders a distant peregrine was chasing the wader flocks out over the sea,and a kestrel was hunting the dunes.I`ve posted a couple of images of the predators in hunting mode and will post one of the wader images very soon.


Christian said...

Hi Martin

I absolutely adore the kestrel and it's a bird that I have never really got near to. I must say that in recent times, I have seen fewer and fewer kestrels in areas where I used to seem them frequently. I hope the decline does not continue.

These are lovely photographs and my favourite is the penultimate one - a real advert for you and your equipment as it's super, super sharp and in such a dynamic pose.

It will be nice to bump into you at some point.

All the best


Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Great pictures .. Congratulations and have a nice weekend ..

Paul Foster said...

Agree with christians sentiments about the Kestrel,really do seem to be declining in in our area,and not easy to photograph,very well done Martin!!

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