Thursday, 26 July 2012


Sunday was a pleasant day and a trip to Rossall for the waders at high water was on the cards.About 30-40 sanderling some in full summer plumage were present with the same number of dunlin,about a dozen turnstones and half a dozen ringed plover,plenty of birds to keep us busy with the lenses.After one or two disturbances from the dogs and their walkers it turned out to be a busy couple of hours with these super birds.Even though I did one or two things wrong I still managed a few decent images some of which I have posted below for your enjoyment.GREAT BIRDS,GREAT WEATHER GREAT COMPANY,MUST RETURN.

Friday, 20 July 2012


The church in Preston with the largest steeple has been the nesting place for a pair of Peregrine Falcons for a number of years.This year they have successfully fledged two female falcons and I and a few other photographers have had the pleasure of watching the spectacle of these young falcons learning to fly and hunt.I made a few early morning visits to capture some of the action in the early morning light.The image of the  young falcon with the pigeon was the first time I saw it returning with a kill and even though the image is heavily cropped I was more than pleased to capture the moment.I've posted a few images below for your enjoyment.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Catching Up.

Trying to catch up with my blog in this bad weather.These are a few images I captured on my travels,not sure of the name of the first orchid,a pair of common blue damselfly and four-spotted chasers were taken at the ponds on Cottam,the bee orchid was found at Fairhaven,while the unknown moth and the large skipper butterfly were taken in my own garden.The large skipper is a first for the garden.

Monday, 2 July 2012


Early spring and the sound of chiffchaff's and willow warbler's is music to our ears,but as the canopy opens and the vegetation grows these birds seem to melt away and are soon forgotten.I came across a willow warblers nest in the Trough of Bowland not 20yds from the road and on two morning sessions managed to capture a few images of these busy birds as they fed their young,watched for danger and removed the fecal sac's of their young.I've posted a few images of the comings and goings of these charming birds below for your enjoyment.I HOPE THE WEATHER IMPROVES SOON AS A LOT OF BIRDS MUST BE STRUGGILING TO FLEDGE THEIR YOUNG IN THESE CONDITIONS.

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