Tuesday, 31 March 2015


I`ve been meaning to go to Marshside for three or four years to photograph the Advocets but due to one thing and another I`ve never got round to it,but this year I finally made the trip and managed to capture a few images.Only two birds were close enough for the lens and dispite being harassed by the many BHG`s they posed nicely for the camera on a few occasions.I`ve posted a few images of this beautiful wader below from the many images I captured.

Sunday, 15 March 2015


A few snapshot images I`ve captured around and about over the last couple of weeks.The wren is a follow on from my wren project,while the hares were taken at Newton Marsh at various times of the day as was the pheasant image,the bed of crocus was taken on Ashton Park while the image of the barn owl was taken at Inskip a quick fly by after a two hour wait.[I was just happy to see the bird as it`s been quite a while since I`ve seen one].

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