Monday, 24 August 2015


I`ve been deleting alot of my old images and when I came across my starling folder the images I chose for my blog had been processed in the old elements 8 version of photoshop.I decided to process one through the full blown version that I have been  using for about 12 months,I do as little as possible to the image,exposure,highlights,shadows,crop and sharpen.The results seem a big improvement to me and I`ve posted my results below for you to compare.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Last saturday we visited Lytham to photograph the 1940`s weekend,the people take their parts very seriously and attention to detail is taken to the extreme.It can be very difficult to isolate the subject as there are many members of the public walking about,but I`ve tried my best and posted a few of my efforts below.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Once a common sight and sound of the countryside the corn bunting is struggling to survive with the evolution of modern farming techniques,the bunting is hanging on in a couple of areas of the Fylde but for how long I dread to think.I was lucky enough to have access to a cornfield were a pair of buntings had made a nest,a hide was erected and I managed to capture a few images,not the image I had in mind but the best I could manage.The lack of the finer points of fieldcraft let me down,but I`ve learnt alot and hopefully the next time I will be more successful.I`ve posted my efforts below.

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