Tuesday, 30 December 2014


The Saturday before Christmas with a couple of hours to spare I decided on a trip to Rossall were a Grey Phalarope,Snow Bunting and a Shore Lark had been reported. The Phalarope had been seen at high water feeding on the tide line a couple of hours earlier,the Snow Bunting was sheltering from the wind  next to one of the groynes,while the Shore Lark was very flighty being constantly flushed by the many dog walkers.I`ve posted record images of the Shore Lark and the Snow Bunting from my short time at Rossall,while the images of the Grey Phalarope and the last two of the Snow Buntings are from my archives.

Friday, 19 December 2014


The weather hasn`t been kind to us in Lancashire over the last few weeks,but I managed a short session with the lens at the feeding station,the sun was low and the weak winter sunshine lit up the feeding station to give a wonderful glow.The hour or so I spent capturing images was very enjoyable and I feel that all the hard work is starting to pay off.My mind is working overtime at the potential this site has for all kinds different set ups for the camera and I can`t wait to get started once the ground dries up and a bit of cold frosty arrives.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Last year while taking images from the bull nose at Preston Dock of sunsets down the River Ribble I saw cormorants roosting on pylons in the river about a mile and a half further down stream. So this year  I set myself the challenge of trying to capture this scene at sunset.After working out the position of the sun and the tides I made a few visits  and on one of the visits I managed a few images.Although I`m very happy with the images I took,the image I have in mind is of the sun setting at the end of the estuary,but because of the time of this sunset and access to were I want to be this might not be possible,but I will try again in the new year.

Monday, 8 December 2014


I`ve had another session with the camera at the feeding station,changing things around a little as I work out the best light at different times of the day.It`s still very early days and I`ve spent time watching and observing the different feeding habits of the birds.A few images from my latest session with the camera are posted below.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


   After a lot of hard work on the allotment to create a wildlife garden and feeding station I decided to treat myself to a day in the hide with the camera.I couldn`t have found a better place for the feeding station,40yds from the edge of a wood,60yds from the Lancaster canal and about 100yds from the Savick brook with a duck pond thrown in for good measure.The feeding station has been up and running for about six weeks and plenty of birds have been attracted to it.A nice selection of birds appeared and I enjoyed myself with the camera,the feeding station will be ever changing as it evolves and I learn alot more about the habits of the birds.I`ve posted a few images for your enjoyment,the last two images of the jays were in the top ten of Birdguides most popular images of the week with the close up images winning the Picture Of The Week.I`m over the moon not bad for the first session with the camera in the new hide.

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Over the last three months I`ve been working hard on an allotment at a local park that I`ve been given permission to turn into an organic wildlife garden. The allotment has been empty for two or three years and the weeds and brambles had taken over,the previous owner had used strips of carpet to suppress the weed trying to remove this made the job ten times harder. After clearing the weeds compost bins have been made and filled with aprox two tons of manure  barrowed 70yds along with a ton of mulch. A pond has been dug a bog area prepared a bug hotel built and a cabin erected to become a bird hide for photography,although a lot of work needs to be done hopefully most of the groundwork for a sucessful wildlife garden and bird feeding station are in place.I`ve shown a few photographs of the allotment before and after.

Friday, 29 August 2014


Contary to most other butterflies in the area the grayling seems to have had quite a good season,good numbers have been seen feeding on the sea holly plants in theFairhaven sand hills.They defend their food source from other butterflies,mainly the common blue,gatekeeper,meadow brown and small heath in an aggressive way.When you see it sunning itself  on the sand it seems such a dull creature,but when you see it feeding or are lucky enough to see it with it`s wings open you see it in it`s full beauty.I`ve posted a few of my efforts at photographing this wonderful butterfly below for your enjoyment.

Thursday, 21 August 2014


For a bit of a change we visited Lytham to try my hand at a different kind of  photography than my wildlife images.The front at Lytham was very very busy and I found it hard to capture images of the 1940`s scenes without some sort of the modern living spoiling the image,but with a little bit of cropping and being careful with my selection of image i`ve managed a few images that I`m quite pleased with,a few of which are posted below.I`ll be back to posting wildlife images very soon.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Having lots of plants in the garden to attract butterflies,bees and hoverflies I`ve found it to be a very poor year for these creatures in this neck of the woods.I`ve posted a few images of butterflies below,thecommon blue,meadow brown and skipper images were taken at Fairhaven,while the other three were garden visitors.

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