Friday, 29 August 2014


Contary to most other butterflies in the area the grayling seems to have had quite a good season,good numbers have been seen feeding on the sea holly plants in theFairhaven sand hills.They defend their food source from other butterflies,mainly the common blue,gatekeeper,meadow brown and small heath in an aggressive way.When you see it sunning itself  on the sand it seems such a dull creature,but when you see it feeding or are lucky enough to see it with it`s wings open you see it in it`s full beauty.I`ve posted a few of my efforts at photographing this wonderful butterfly below for your enjoyment.

Thursday, 21 August 2014


For a bit of a change we visited Lytham to try my hand at a different kind of  photography than my wildlife images.The front at Lytham was very very busy and I found it hard to capture images of the 1940`s scenes without some sort of the modern living spoiling the image,but with a little bit of cropping and being careful with my selection of image i`ve managed a few images that I`m quite pleased with,a few of which are posted below.I`ll be back to posting wildlife images very soon.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Having lots of plants in the garden to attract butterflies,bees and hoverflies I`ve found it to be a very poor year for these creatures in this neck of the woods.I`ve posted a few images of butterflies below,thecommon blue,meadow brown and skipper images were taken at Fairhaven,while the other three were garden visitors.

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