Thursday, 21 June 2012


Frustrating times this spring as I visited the local colony of water voles.I have to visit early mornings because the colony is so close to human habitation and as the light this spring has been very poor visiting at 5.30am to 7.00 am wasn't ideal to photograph the voles.Timing my visits a little later in the month created different problems as the vegetation has grown alot higher and the voles are harder to see,and with the steep sides of the dyke it's nearly impossible to capture a decent image of the vole.In a perfect world I would love to spend a lot more time with these wonderful mammals getting close to the water [if not in it] taking close up photographs of these rare animals.THE WELFARE AND PRESERVATION of these voles takes priority over any photograph that I would like to take and I feel privaledged just to see the voles at close quartes.I will leave them in peace checking on them from time to time.I've posted a few images below for your enjoyment.P S The voles seem to be thriving as I saw 8 to 10 individuals on one visit FINGERS CROSSED.


Brian Rafferty said...

Martin. What a super little animal is the water vole. You have some fabulous images here and it is good to hear they are doing well. Well worth getting up early to see these little beauties..well done.

Paul Foster said...

Some great images here Martin,very well captured may I say!I`m green with envy!!!!

geoff gradwell said...

Done well again Martin. Years ago, I was fishing on the Thames near Sutton Courteny, minding my one business, tucked away into the river bank with my feet on the mud at the edge of the river... old ratty came riunning along and over me boots! (before cameras were invented)... and I didn't catch out, didn't need to!
So you pics bring back old memories. Thanks.
one of my earliest sightings of Kingfishers too

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