Friday, 8 June 2012


On a recent visit to the Trough Of Bowland I was having a walk when I heard a bird alarming in a tree,I could see that it was a pied wagtail carrying food and a nest must be near by.I retreated about 40 yds and hid behind a tree,the pied wagtail dropped onto a wall and fed its chicks.This was an ideal oppurtunity to capture  some images,Iwent back for the car parking it on the opposite side of the road putting a net up at the window.The birds were soon down feeding their chicks and I stopped about 30 mins capturing images of them feeding the young,then left them in peace to get on with their busy lives.I have posted a few images below for your enjoyment.


Brian Rafferty said...

Martin.Great observation and skill in capturing these fantastic images.Definitely 30mins very well spent !!

Christian said...

Oh Martin - these are wonderful! My wife and I have just been pouring over them! A truly wonderful find. Do you send images to Bird Guides? If so, I reckon the one with the jumping wagtail with a bill full of insects is a definite 'photo of the week'. Very classy series indeed.

Tammy said...

Wow, excellent captures Martin! Great action; feeding those youngsters looks like quite a job! Congrats on these stunning photos.

geoff gradwell said...

hiding behind trees can get you in trouble!

But worth it! What great images. Easy to sit and look at these, but spotting what is happening in any environment takes good observational skills. Negotiating oneself into a non evasive position is equally difficult.

A cracking selection of images.


as I haven't been posting for a while, the previous selection of images and posts are a similar credit to all your hours of hard work and effort.

Well done Martin.

CRACKIN (wish they were in my portfolio).

See you soon


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