Thursday, 1 December 2011

More Little Beauties.

I thought I would do another post about small birds.The Coal Tit and Blue Tit were taken at a local feeding station,while the Treecreeper was captured at the edge of a wood at Salwick,an added bonus and great suprise was to find this Black Redstart at Morcambe on Monday while Iwas there with Brian Rafferty for the waders at high tide.

1 comment:

RAY said...

Very nice set Martin, I notice in your photos that the background very smooth and pleasing to the eye, mine are sort of blotchy ! is this a feature of the lens or more to do with settings or maybe technique ?
I have had a little more success with the Bee Eater in flight, still lots more practice needed , lot of fun trying though , might put some up later ,

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