Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Day at Newton Marsh.

    Well actually it was about 3 hr's on windy overcast Monday.It's a long time since I've seen as many duck on Newton Marsh,mostly Widgeon with good numbers of Teal,Shoveler and Mallard as well as the resident Coots and Waterhens. One photograph captures a Great Black Back Gull causing havoc diving down at the ducks looking for a lunchtime snack.another photograph shows the harsh reality of life of a dead Widgeon with a Carrion Crow in close attention,I think the Widgeon had been killed by a Perergrine which had been disturbed from it's meal by the proximity to the road and the traffic.The Pheasant was a nice bonus although distant it made a nice composition in my eyes.


Brian Rafferty said...

Martin. Impressive nos of wigeon...Really like the teal shots super colours and on the shovelers also. Well done and if I don't see you all the very best for Christmas

Geoff Gradwell said...

Strewth Martin, you are getting the hang of that equipment Some cracking photos – I do like the Shovelers, and the Teal. Impressive numbers of Wigeon, never seen so many on the water – must have ben flushed from their feeding. (I wrote a comment yesterday, but appeared to have lost it).
All the best

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