Saturday, 28 May 2011

Back to the Trough

Best weather forcast was for Wednesday, so a trip through the Trough A nice piece of history with this Roadsign dated 1739 272 years old amazing

A couple of Oystercatcher images, the first one sat on a nest as bold as brass 30 yds from from the road in full view.
My friend and I had seen  a Common Sandpiper on a previous visit and as I pulled up I saw I saw it sulking away from some vegetation, using the car as a hide I sat and waited for its return and managed a couple of images.
Beetle ID please.
A Common Spotted Orchid at Scorton Picnic Area


Brian Rafferty said...

Martin another nice selection from Bowland.Like the one of the Common Sand in the vegetation. Let's hope for better weather next week !!

Martin Jump said...

Cheers Brian I like the Commom Sand as well never seen one on a nest before

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