Sunday, 19 June 2016


A small colony of sand martins try to nest every year at Cam Brow in the Trough of Bowland,the site is very precarious and sometimes ends in disaster for the martins.Last week I visited the site and found one of the nest holes that had gone into the bank at an angle,unfortunately part of the tunnel had given way and the nest was exposed showing 5 young  waiting to be fed.I took a few images from distance and left them in peace hoping that the young martins would survive and fledge.
 Common Sandpipers nest along the Marshaw Wyre and I was lucky enough to find a nest with three eggs in,I`ve posted an image of the nest and eggs and also a Common Sandpiper reflection image taken about six weeks ago at Newton Marsh.


Pete Woodruff said...

Remarkable about the exposed nest at Cam Brow, but the young are looking good in these images Martin, hope it continues this way to fledging.

Good to speak with you the other evening, thanks for being in touch, much appreciated.

Brian Rafferty said...

Martin.Fingers crossed for the young martins at Cam Brow.Excellent find and image of the sandpiper eggs.Let's hope they hatch and fledge successfuly.

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