Sunday, 14 July 2013


I thought I would share a bit of the the behavior that was captured with the lens.The first image is the alpha male running back to the female after chasing of a rival,for a couple of strides it bounced up and down like an african springbok showing it`s fitness to it`s rivals or enemy,

The second image I saw quite alot and it`s the female flirting with the male by jumpimg over it..The third image is I think two males biting lumps of fur out of each other,the fourth is the chase.The last three images are of the close encounter I had with the hares,the first being that close I couldn`t focus,I`m sure that only for the noise of the camera shutter I could have touched them. WHAT A GREAT EXPERIANCE.


Noushka said...

Having the hares that close is thrilling!
Strange they didn't scent you out!!
I guess their minds were onto each other!
Fabulous shots!

Christian said...

The image, third from last is awesome, mate.

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