Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I've been to Newton Marsh early morning and seen a heron fishing the pools but ever time I got within 100yds it was off.I decided on different tactics and drove past the heron returning slowly as one of the large trucks overtook me.It worked and I was in position  to capture images of the heron as it fished for sticklebacks,it seems such a lot of effort for such a large bird to capture prey so small I saw it catch 4 fish in a twenty minute spell.Well there's a lot of lapwing chicks about and I'm sure a few will end up down the herons neck.I've posted a few images of the heron as it fished for its breakfast and was back home for 7.30 am for mine.


Pete Woodruff said...

Brilliant as ever Martin, and back home for breakfast b 7.30am, sounds good to me.

Your'e absolutely right re the Heron and the Lapwing chicks if it catches sight of them, nature in the raw.

Christian said...

Lovely work, Martin. It's' a gorgeous bird.

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