Sunday, 14 April 2013


I'm posting a few Dipper images from one of the many sites I visit to photograph them,I first visited this site on the 6th of Feb and saw the pair of Dippers nest building and now mid April no sign of the dippers feeding the young. The Dippers are still about but I don't know if the nest has failed or not.My new computer is up and running and a few minor adjustments may still have to be made.If you could please comment on the images for brightness and colour it would be very much appreciated thank you.


Pete Woodruff said...

Brilliant images of the Dipper Martin.

As you asked for comments I feel perhaps a little too much colour saturation, for example the birds upper belly is a little too 'orangey' in my opinion.

I hope this comment is helpful to you Martin.

Brian Rafferty said...

Martin. I am sure the dippers will try again...Nice series of shots which look OK to me.Catch up with you soon.

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