Wednesday, 18 April 2012


The blog is having it's first birthday this week and I wanted to publish a post that I hope you think is a bit special.I've been holding back some adder images that I managed to capture in the middle of March.It was a wonderful sunny morning with the temp about 6c and a slight NW breeze which I thought would be ideal  conditions for the adders.To the Trough of Bowland I travelled excited in my quest and after about 15mins I found my first adder managing to capture a few images before it disappeared into the bracken.I searched for about 45mims before I came across another adder unfortunately it wasn't in a very good position for photographs.I sat and waited and eventually it moved into a better position,slowly moving foward I managed to get  very close to the adder and capture what I think are great images.I was totally relaxed and never felt threatend and I think the snake was exactly the same.I spent about 20mins in this position capturing many images ofthis beautiful snake and felt very privileged to share a few moments in the private life of this wonderful snake.I used a canon 100mm macro non is lens on a bean bag f8 iso200 640sec..I have posted a few of my fav images for you to enjoy.


Christian said...

Something special for certain Martin. Patience rewarded with these wonderful images. I love the 6th one, with venomous (sorry) stare and the penultimate shot with love DOF is a favourite.

Happy Birthday Blog.

Brian Rafferty said...

Martin. Congratulations on your Blogging Anniversary..What a way to celebrate with these stunning adder images..We are lucky to have these fabulous snakes in Bowland. Once again Happy Birthday and catch up with you soon.

Geoff Gradwell said...

Wow. Well done Martin. Absoutely maginificent selection of images of these adders, difficult to choose the best... but I do now know they have a forked tongue. Happy birthday, it has been an extremely interesting year, thanks for posting, your help and support. Best

Geoff Gradwell said...

I might not get chance to phone, the male Orange Tips have been around today, three or four males – usual areas, mobile and difficult to catch up with allow 90 minutes! In case I'm not around etc.

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