Sunday, 7 August 2011


Some of these images are not up to standard,but I thought it was worth showing some of the comings and goings in the day to day life of these charming birds. 1 Bragging 2 The young one swallowed this fish whole 3 Removing eggshell 4Cleaning bill 5 6 Posing 7 The reality of removing a dead young Tern.


Christian said...

Hi Martin

Some really classy shots there and I really like the reflection one on the water.


Geoff Gradwell said...

There really is a family story throughout the year watching these interesting birds without disturbing the roost... photographing isanother matter. Good examples Martin... the refelections are great if and when you get them. (weather's grim and not good for a while!)

Geoff Gradwell said...

Can be difficult navigating but try
for identification
for all the different forums
for Lancashire

for what's happening about as a rule...

Bird Guides photos

navigating can be a pain but you get there eventually!

Good Luck

Brian Rafferty said...

Martin. What a great time we had recording the comings and goings in the tern colony.Great images again and the reflection shot is an absolute stunner.Let's hope for better weather soon.Hope to catch up with you.

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