Sunday, 24 July 2011


A sequence of Barn Owl images in hunting mode and carring prey.I just wish that the Barn Owl carring the shrew had been a bit closer to my camera,even so I thought it was worth posting the images because of the composition.


Brian Rafferty said...

Martin. Your barn owl shots are getting better and better !!! A superb set of images.. The first one is a stunner but all are excellent... Again very well done.

Geoff Gradwell said...

What a great sequence of images – well done Martin. The switchover on 6 from beak to talon is unbeleivable, to capture it is remarkable. Worth all the effort. Thanks for sharing. I must get out again soon.

Christian said...

Unbeleivably beautiful.

Martin, these Barn Owl shots are sensational. They are all of the highest order and number 6 is my favourite Barn Owl shot of all I've seen down the years. Truly spectacular - the bar is raised even higher.

Inspirational - right, where's my camera?


RAY said...

This comment from Christian .. Inspirational - right, where's my camera?
Is exactly what I thought when I saw these Photos, thanks Martin


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