Sunday, 18 October 2015


Back in August I visited Rossall Point to see how many waders had returned from their breeding grounds,as I walked through the sand hills I was amazed to see a kestrel land on the green of the golf course while the golfers were playing and started catching beetles and bugs.
 After watching this amazing sight I returned with my camera to be met with a few local wildlife photographers and we decided to keep the news as quite as possible.Unfortunately the kestrel was quite a celebrity with the local golfers and dog walkers and after about a week the kestrel disappeared,most of the photographers have a strong opinion of what happened but no proof.
 This was a once in a lifetime experience and long will the memories of this young kestrel be with us all.I`ve posted a few images below and will do another post soon on this wonderful photogenic young bird.

Sunday, 4 October 2015


We were recently invited to Northumberland for a weeks holiday in a cottage with our good friends david  and margaret.It was the first time we had been to this part of the country,what an impressive county and so quite on the roads,alot of sightseeing was on the cards and a few meals out.The weather was very kind to us and the camera was brought into action a few times.The first image is Bonny Scotland from Carter Bar,Sunset from the cottage,Eiders at Seahouses,Bamburgh Castle from the shore,Rook and finally Chaffinch.

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