Thursday, 31 May 2012


A few weeks ago I came across a blackbirds nest with 3 eggs in.The nest was in an ideal place to capture some images of the adults feeding the young,I waited till I thought the time was right hoping that the nest and young had survived and to my amazement they had.Setting up at a safe distance with a net over the camera and myself I managed to capture a few images  then left them in peace to get on with their busy and dangerous lives.


A very wet day in prospect Thursday,so I'am trying to catch up on my postings.A few images that I did'nt set out to capture but presented themselves to me while I was out and about.The GCG was on a water at Longridge that I stop of at when I go to the Trough Of Bowland.The Greylag  and Swan was at Newton Marsh as was the Coot,the Starling's were in my back garden and the Curlew flew over when I was in the Trough.The final Swan came in to land at Preston Dock as I was photographing the Common Terns.It just goes to show that you have to be alert at all times as you never know when an opportuity will present itself and it might be an award winning image.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bits and Bobs.

Bits and Bobs from around and about,just thought I would post a few images to keep the blog ticking over as I have been busy with mother  in hospital.Thankfully everthing is ok.and hopefully soon will be back to normal and I will be back on my local patch at this busy time.

Friday, 11 May 2012


The common terns have returned in numbers to Preston Dock,I counted 16 on Sunday,24 on Monday and 26 on Tuesday.I've had two early morning visits and managed to photograph some wonderful behaviour from these swallows of the sea.There is never a dull moment down at the docks with these birds and it's free to watch!!!!!!! WONDERFUL.I've posted a few images to whet your appetite as I will be returning to the docks to hopefully capture more images of these beautiful birds.

Monday, 7 May 2012


On my recent trips to the Trough Of Bowland photographing dippers I  got lucky and saw the dippers catching young trout and bringing them back to feed their young.I couldn't believe the size of the fish they were bringing back to the nest and the way they wacked them like a kingfisher.WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT THE MIGHTY AND MAJESTIC BROWN TROUT WOULD BE PREDATED BY SUCH A SMALL BIRD AS THE DIPPER !!!!!!!!!! AMAZING.The first image shows what I think is unsual behaviour,instead of flying off with the fecal sac and dropping it randomly away from the nest,the dipper drops the sac close to the nest in a fast flowing part of the stream.I have posted some images showing my observations below.

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